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Welcome BCBUA Officials

Posted on 03/24/2017

To those new to our Association we extend a hearty welcome and to those returning we say welcome back.

We hope to make it as simple as possible for everyone this year by loading all of the available games on the Umpire Calendar webpage of our website and each junior and senior umpire can advise which games you are able to work…..since all games (excluding make-ups) are posted well in advance we will not be using the “first-come/first-serve” method - we will maintain parity and fairness as best as possible.


Games are available for scheduling up to 2 weeks in advance. When you see a game displayed on the calendar, click on it. If names are already assigned to the plate and base slots - that game is full. If the Plate of Base slots are empty, that game is available and ready for someone to step up and volunteer. To volunteer, email the scheduler at: You will be notified by a confirmation email if you have been assigned to a game.

Expected dress code for officials can be found under the Umpire tab on the AMBA website and for ease we have pasted the link to the Umpire Calendar below.